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Online Shopping

TBolt USA -

Tbolt USATBolt USA is the website I've spent the single biggest chunk of my time on. I've customized almost every inch of the online store system, so that Vince @ TBolt can keep rolling with the changes and chalenges of conducing business online. I started building TBolt USA in 2004, and it has come a long way over the past 6 years. TBolt USA has a fully modified online store, ssl-encyrption, message board, cms tech data section, flash slideshow and front page. I have dedicated countless hours to search engine optimization, and linked up the catalog to multiple other venues. There have also been more customizations and modifications to the administrative portion of the site than I can count on both sets of fingers and toes. Whenever Vince needs something change, I jump at the operturnity.

GPX Engines -

Tbolt USAGPX Engines is another pit bike retailer who chose to keep things simple. Rather than having a front page, message board, or any static pages, this client opted for a pretty stock insatllation of my favorite online shoping cart, a full search engine optimization workup, and syncronization with a few other venues.

Motovert -

Tbolt USATDK Moto went for the full package. When I designed a few years back they went for the flash video intro, flash slideshow, message board, online store, and static pages. It was a very fun site to build.

Motovert411 -

Tbolt USAIs a basic online store with a front page for news, and an embeded video player.

Web 2.0 Style Sites -

Tbolt USAOne night I was considering making a page on Panic Grip Designs to list all of my various contact information, my AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, Myspace, Xanga, Stickam, PSN ID, Nintendo ID, Cell #, and email, and I that other people might be interested in doing the same thing. I developed, a site where users can share their "while 9 yards" with regards to social information. When a user signs up they can select a short url, like and add each of their various internet accounts. By adding their username on MySpace, Youtube, or Twitter it creates a link on their page so that they can just send people there, and they can find all of their accounts easily. The entire engine was hand-coded with Php, MySQL, and Javascript.

UnSentBox -

Tbolt USAUnsentbox was another site I built on a whim. I wanted somewhere like FML wher I could post a witty letter. My first letter I planned to post was "Dear Clippy, Even tho it looks like I'm writing a letter, I DO NOT WANT YOUR HELP! Sincerely, Me". Php, Ajax and MySQL.

Musician Sites

BillAftermath -

Tbolt USABill is a local musician who I've been friends with since middle school. I built this site one evening for him to promote his music. It is just a basic site with links to his various accounts where he promotes his music.

RareCandy Myspace -

Tbolt USAAnother local music act wanted a new myspace layout, so I whipped this up.

Contractor/Business Card Sites - - under construction

Tbolt USAAn online buisness card style site for a local construction firm.

Local Sports Team

Gals Softball -

Tbolt USAA site for a local girls softaball team.

Facebook Applications

Favorite Albums -

Tbolt USAA facebook application I built where people can rate their favorite albums, and post a list of their favorites to their facebook profile.

My Film Log -

Tbolt USAA facebook application where users can rate and track what movies they've recently watched.
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